“As a social media consultant I spend much time hunched over my computer and phone, resulting in very sore neck and shoulders.  The lovely Des never fails to send me away feeling on top of the world. She keeps on telling me that I have a very clever body, but quite honestly, I think it is her that is very clever to fix me up so well each and every time. Now, if I only I would actually LISTEN to her and STOP hunching over my tools of the trade maybe I could make some progress!

As for how she sorts out my excruciating period pains, she really is a miracle worker in my eyes.

I can and do highly recommend Des.”

 From M


“In May this year, I had just been for another MRI which re-confirmed degeneration of the discs in the neck and there was no operation which could be done, I had to learn how to manage the painL. I was NOT happy, I had been in constant pain for over 10 years, I had just about tried everything (pain killers, physio, acupuncture, etc) and was open to anything (new/old) which would give me some relief, I’d be happy with anything.

A colleague asked whether I had tried BSR for my back pain and of course I hadn’t, this was new to me – I did some online research, I found BSR Southern Suburbs and I made my appointment to see Des Attwood

Well I started my BSR treatment on 3 June and after just 4 sessions, I am almost a new person. I can cook and even blow dry my hair again!!!! Things we as woman take for granted which I had not been able to do for a very VERY long time due to the constant pain which would be aggravated by any movement using my right hand/arm. I have to admit I feel like I’ve been to a very strenuous gym session after a BSR session with Des BUT that doesn’t last, not for long J, when that feeling lifts, it feels like pure bliss and I know that I made the right choice by picking her from ALL the BSR therapists I found online J. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would have DAYS with NO PAIN- ever again.

I would definitely recommend visiting Des, she’s amazing, hands of an ANGEL.

THANK YOU DES!!!!!!!!!!!”

 From J


“I have been a client of Des since January 2018. Initially when I started it was to treat my hormonal migraines which I experience once a month. My migraines used to be so debilitating that the medication didn’t really help and I would usually have the symptoms for a week before I started feeling like myself again. Since receiving BSR therapy with Des every month, my monthly migraine has been much more bearable.  Sometimes there isn’t even a need to take the medication and usually only have the migraine for 2 days at most if that. 

I finally feel relief and have made sure to continue my BSR sessions to help alleviate my tension. On the plus side, I also get to ease any other tension I have in my body such as my lower back and neck pain. I have even used BSR to help when I had vertigo.  I could list everything I’ve been to Des for but why should I? Do yourself a favour and book a session with her. I guarantee you won’t look back and would make it part of your lifestyle. The bonus is that she’s also a great person who is really likeable and easy to laugh with and trust with your “secrets”. “

From J


“In December 2018 I lost my husband due to severe injuries sustained in a cycling accident. He was in a coma in ICU for 10 days before he succumbed to his injuries. Loosing my Life partner and Soulmate was one of many traumatic events that I have had to face in a very short period of time.

 To quote Megan Devine” Grief is often thought of as primarily emotional, but Grief is a Full-body, Full mind experience”

 My heart literally aches, and it manifests as deep chest pains. My entire body feels heavy and fatigued.

I started Body Stress Release with Des in February. I was desperate for some form of gentle touch that would be therapeutic.  Des has an approach that is sensitive and deeply intuitive to which my body responds to positively. I have not only had physical relief but also found a deeper mental relief. As my body relaxes and responds to healing itself, my breathing improves and breathing properly brings about calm.

I am a work in progress as I still have many challenges, but I am comforted in knowing that I have a Practitioner that has me following a path that allows me to be gentler and in tune with my body and mind.

 For more insight into Grief I quote Megan Devine

 “Studies in neurobiology show that losing someone close to us changes our biochemistry: there are actual physical reasons for your insomnia, your exhaustion, and your racing heart.

Respiration, heart rate, and nervous system responses are all regulated by close contact with familiar people and animals: these brain functions are all deeply affected when you’ve lost someone close.

Grief affects appetite, digestion, blood pressure, heart rate, respiration, muscle fatigue, and sleep….basically everything. If it’s in the body, Grief affects it.

In addition to physical affects, cognitive changes, memory loss, confusion and shortened attention span are all common in early grief. Some effects last for years.

 I have not mentioned the many other aches and pains that have either totally disappeared or improved. Tennis elbow – gone! Lower back  – improving. Shoulder blade  virtually non existent.

 But you have to “listen” to your Practitioner and first and foremost to your amazing Body .”

 From M


“At 38, having had three children, my body was not what it used to be. Chronic pelvic discomfort, neck and back ache were a part of every day life. Gentle Body Stress Releases over a number of weeks have proved to really work. Generally pain free for over four months now, I can only say that I wish I’d known about it sooner.”

Kate D, 38, Mother/Business Woman


“At first, I was extremely sceptical about Body Stress Release, but I can honestly say that it’s had an amazing effect. For years, I have had a painful neck, especially when turning my head to the left. After three visits my neck feels great and I’ve been sleeping like a baby.”

Tim F, 50, Property Developer


“Body Stress Release changed my life! I had been suffering with crippling pain from a frozen shoulder for many months. After only three sessions of Body Stress Release I had no pain at all and the full range of movement to my shoulder had been restored. I now attend a few times a year for maintenance sessions and would highly recommend Body Stress Release.”

Chris H, 65, Retired


“At 32 years of age I was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease and was about to have major surgery. My experience with Body Stress Release has made me think very differently about complementary medicine. The improvement after three releases was dramatic. Regular maintenance visits keep my back flexible and pain free. I now have a quality of life I didn’t think was possible.”

Corinna T, 33, Mother


“My son came home from school nearly every day with a headache. It came on after lunch and when he went to bed at night it was still there. Pain killers from the GP helped, but he couldn’t live like that for the rest of his life. After only four sessions of Body Stress Release his headaches have gone. He smiles and plays again like he used to. We are both so grateful for your help.”

Gill S, Mother re her son aged 12


“The best thing about Body Stress Release is my growing pains and leg cramps have gone and it’s very relaxing.”

Charlotte M, 14, Student

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