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My personal BSR journey started 15 years ago. My sporting history included surfing, dancing and bootcamp, which together with a stressful job, going through a divorce and raising my young children, put a tremendous strain on my body from a mechanical and emotional perspective.  I suffered intense lower back pain, numb feet, tingling hands and debilitating depression.  My lower back pain became so severe that I was advised to not do any sport and definitely NOT to dance!  Imagine my amazement when after a series of gentle BSR sessions, my lower back pain disappeared and after a few month’s I was brave enough to venture back to the dance studio where I was ultimately able to continue with my dance studies which also included stage performances.  It’s hard to explain how it feels to be able to perform without pain, to be able to celebrate what your body is capable of.  BSR gave me back my trust in my body’s ability to heal itself.  I am confident that it can do the same for you!

Desiree E. Attwood

B.S.R. Practitioner


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